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Injectable Dermal Fillers

At McCormack Plastic Surgery, we offer an array of injectable dermal fillers that can not only fill in lines and wrinkles in the face, but also add volume to facial features such as the lips and cheeks. Some of our dermal fillers include:

  • Restylane®
  • Perlane®

These dermal fillers can rejuvenate areas exhibiting deep folds and creases, and significantly reduce lines that have formed in the area between the nose and mouth and other facial areas. New moms can also use these dermal fillers to augment the lips for a more contoured, sensual appearance; or add volume to the cheeks to renew facial contour after weight loss.

*Individual Results May Vary

Most of our dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance. This typically means that no allergy testing is required before treatment. Treatments sessions with dermal fillers often take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. You can typically resume your normal daily routine right after treatment; however, some minimal side effects from these procedures may include mild swelling or tenderness in the treatment areas. Dr. McCormack often advises patients not to use aspirin, St. John’s Wort, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, or high-dose vitamin-E supplements before dermal filler treatment.

Results will depend on which type of dermal filler is used; however, results from many of our dermal fillers can last six months or more, and can be maintained with the occasional touch-up session.

If you are considering injectable dermal filler treatment as part of a Mommy Makeover, please contact Dr. McCormack today for a consultation.

*Individual Results May Vary
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