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Surgical Simulation with Portrait 3D

Dr. Tiffany McCormack emphasizes the use of the most technologically advanced plastic surgery techniques available, which is why she uses state-of-the-art aesthetic enhancement simulation. The Portrait 3D surgical simulation platform provides an effective tool for patients hoping to get an idea of likely cosmetic surgery results before they make the final decision to proceed. For moms especially, preparedness and planning is of the utmost importance, which is why Dr. McCormack uses the surgical simulation program. The new technology provides patients with a glimpse into the future by creating a computer-generated image of the most-likely breast enhancement results.

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How it Works

The Portrait 3D system uses an actual image of the patient that has been uploaded into a computer. The simulation technology then allows Dr. McCormack to alter each patient’s appearance digitally, to provide a visual image of the likely outcome of the breast augmentation surgery before the procedure takes place. With 3D capabilities, the image can be viewed from all angles, and specific implant sizes can be altered throughout the process to provide an all-encompassing idea of the different options available. Portrait 3D offers precise capture of the surface anatomy, displaying linear and volumetric measurements on both the “before” and “after” images, allowing patients to make a detailed, precise comparison. Along with Dr. McCormack’s professional input, the simulation technology can help develop realistic expectations by allowing patients to better communicate their specific aesthetic enhancement wishes.

As a standard part of the initial consultation, all of Dr. McCormack’s patients considering breast enhancement are given a detailed projection of potential results with a 3-dimensional representation of what the outcome may be.

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