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Extended Tummy Tuck

Sometimes after pregnancy, you can lose significant amounts of weight and experience an excess of laxity in the skin of the midsection, including the love handles. An extended tummy tuck procedure takes a full tummy tuck one step further by eliminating excess fat and skin and recontouring areas surrounding the abdomen in addition to the abdomen itself. This procedure can be an effective treatment option in a Mommy Makeover for women who have experienced significant weight loss but can’t get rid of extra skin and fat in the midsection through traditional diet and exercise regimens.

Contact Dr. Tiffany McCormack for more information on extended tummy tuck surgery at our Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe, California-area practice.

Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

The extended tummy tuck, also sometimes referred to as the “circumferential” tummy tuck, removes excess skin from both the abdominal region and the sides of the body. An incision is made across the entire stomach region to the back of the hips. Dr. McCormack will typically use liposuction to vacuum out excess fat, and then lift the skin of the areas to tighten the muscles underneath. Extra skin is removed, the navel is repositioned, and the remaining skin is tightened for a more fit appearance. There will be some degree of scarring after the procedure, but Dr. McCormack will make incisions as discreet as possible.

Extended Tummy Tuck Recovery

Recovery from an extended tummy tuck procedure will depend on the type and extent of other surgical procedures you have chosen to undergo in your Mommy Makeover. However, with this procedure alone, patients can expect some swelling and bruising in the area after surgery, and a period of downtime lasting from about two to six weeks. Patients can often resume normal daily routines about a week or two after surgery; however, this will depend on each patient’s physiology as well as any other Mommy Makeover procedures they have undergone in tandem with the extended tummy tuck. Dr. McCormack will monitor your progress in follow-up appointments after the procedure.

An extended tummy tuck can do wonders for the look of your midsection and give you a tighter, flatter, and more contoured appearance. Contact McCormack Plastic Surgery today for more details.

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