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Help During Recovery

How Much help will I need During Recovery?

One of the best things about a Mommy Makeover is that you and Dr. Tiffany McCormack will decide the most effective aesthetic enhancement procedures for your goals that can be performed over a period of time most convenient to your needs. Recovery times and the amount of help you may need while your body heals from a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedure will depend on which procedures you undergo, how many of them you opt to receive, and whether they are performed in combination or over a series of appointments.

Major plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast lift or breast augmentation, and liposuction will often require a period of downtime upwards of one week. Periods of downtime will be longer if more than one procedure is performed in combination. Since these procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, you will need someone to take you to and from the hospital on the day of surgery. It’s also a good idea to have someone stay with you for the first couple of days after surgery, as you will be experiencing some post-operative discomfort while the treated area is healing, and your mobility may be a bit limited immediately following surgery.

Non-surgical procedures such as injectable fillers and laser skin resurfacing do not often require significant periods of recovery. However, if these treatments are performed in combination with more invasive procedures, recovery times will probably be longer.

At your initial consultation with Dr. McCormack, she will go over all aspects of the procedures you are considering and advise you on the recovery process. Then, you can start planning for your recovery in terms of how much assistance you may need, and how long it will ultimately take.

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