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Breast Ptosis (Droop)

It can be a daunting and disappointing prospect, but it happens to all of us. As we age, and particularly after pregnancy and weight loss, our breasts often droop and take on a sagging appearance. The medical term for this is ptosis, and it’s usually caused by weakening of ligaments that hold the breasts up, poor elasticity of the skin, and general loss of breast tissue. Breastfeeding can also play a role in ptosis. As many of us come to know, sagginess of the breasts is not a severe health condition, but it can play havoc with our self-esteem and make us feel older and less desirable than we really are.

As a new mom, ptosis is one of a number of physical changes you may be experiencing that you would like to improve. The good news is, ptosis and sagginess of the breasts is a common condition that can be significantly reduced with procedures you can use in a Mommy Makeover. Dr. Tiffany McCormack can perform a breast lift to eliminate the appearance of breast sag and lift your breasts into a more youthful, perky position.

Ptosis is measured in three separate grades, depending on the severity. Grade 1 is mild, Grade 2 is moderate, and Grade 3 is severe. Depending on the amount of ptosis you are experiencing, Dr. McCormack will come up with a treatment plan that can correct the sagginess in the breasts and give them a tighter, smoother appearance. Here’s a simple test to determine the degree of ptosis you may be experiencing:

Take a ruler and place it horizontally under each unsupported breast, making sure the ruler is sitting flat underneath the area where the breast meets the body.

  • Grade 1: The nipple sits right above the ruler or a small amount lower – Mild
  • Grade 2: If the nipple is sitting lower than that, the degree of breast sag is – Moderate
  • Grade 3: The area above the areola and nipple is longer than the area below it, with the breasts appearing to point downwards – Severe

Dr. McCormack can help you reverse the effects of ptosis with a breast lift or other procedures that can be used in a Mommy Makeover. For more information on ptosis, please contact our plastic surgery practice.

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