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Breast and Body

As a mother herself, Dr. Tiffany McCormack has firsthand knowledge of the physical toll that pregnancy can have on the body. The two regions most prominently changed after having children are the breasts and abdomen, while other regions such as the legs, arms, and hips can also be affected by excess skin and fat that can be hard to get rid of through traditional diet and exercise.

One of the most exciting things about a Mommy Makeover is that procedures designed to address the breasts and body can be done in combination, or as a series of procedures performed over a short period of time. Breast and body contouring options can tighten the skin, minimize areas of excess fat and skin, correct a sagging appearance in the breasts, make the midsection appear more taut and fit, and much more.

The following links will take you to more detailed descriptions of some of our breast and body contouring options. Dr. McCormack will meet with you in a one-on-one consultation to decide which procedures may be the best options for your needs. Then, she will recommend a treatment plan that can provide the most convenience for you, and also, the most effective results.

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