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What Can/Can’t Be Fixed with Diet and Exercise?

You’ve had your baby, and now you want to whip your body back into shape. You try every kind of diet imaginable. You exercise until your muscles ache. You run, you stomach-crunch, you eat healthy, you push yourself as hard as you can go… and you still can’t get rid of those extra fat pockets and skin folds left over from pregnancy. This scenario is very common, and it can be incredibly disappointing. The fact is, sometimes no matter how hard we try, our bodies just don’t respond in the way we’d like them to, even with the most rigorous diet and exercise programs.

After having children, some women find that traditional weight loss methods can have a positive effect on the changes caused by pregnancy. Areas such as the arms and legs, and even the abdomen in some cases, can become more toned and taut with strict exercise routines and dietary habits. But in many cases body areas that have been stretched out of normal proportion like the stomach region, and areas such as the breasts that can accumulate excess fat and skin during and after pregnancy, stubbornly hold onto their new shapes and do not respond very well to attempts at improving them.

The good news is, a Mommy Makeover procedure can be designed to address these areas and recontour them for a more fit-looking appearance. Breast surgery procedures can improve sagginess by tightening the area and giving the breasts a fuller, “perkier” aesthetic; and body procedures such as tummy tuck and liposuction can eliminate fat pockets and extra skin, reshaping the area and getting rid of extra fat.

Dr. Tiffany McCormack has children of her own, and knows very well what new mothers go through in trying to get their bodies back into the shape they desire. She will be happy to discuss your goals with you, and help you determine what you may be able to achieve through traditional diet and exercise, as well as aesthetic enhancement procedures that may help with areas that are just not responding to the work you are doing to improve them.

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